The Face of Dining


Imagine this for your students: a warm and welcoming, gourmet "kitchen away from home" - featuring inspired, innovative cuisine and fun menu choices. With 60 years of experience appealing to the hospitality needs of schools nationwide, ARAMARK will realize your distinct vision of catering and culinary expertise. In fact, every dimension of our services aims to make the lasting impression that best reflects you.

We're aspirational in our approach, providing our partners stellar culinary talent and catering expertise representing the best the industry has to offer. From expertly trained waitstaff to CIA- and Cordon Bleu-schooled chefs—our ARAMARK talent is unparalleled. Our passion for success and our extensive experience make excellence our standard. Our best-in-class solutions for best-in-class schools appeal to parents, faculty, and staff, with tailored dining and catering solutions that celebrate the art of dining and revitalize your school community.

We understand that each affair you host, from simple to lavish, provides a unique opportunity to showcase your dining program. At ARAMARK, our experienced catering experts provide memorable events that are highly influential in our clients’ fundraising success. As your partner in community building, we'll enable you to provide lasting memories for your guests.

Sustainability is important to us so we will make it a priority for your school community by instilling on-campus sustainable practices. Our industry-leading Green Thread™ environmental stewardship platform reduces the carbon footprint of our client campuses, while delivering exceptional operational results.

A passion for operational expertise and flawless execution drives everything we do. And, our long-term value is in serving as a compassionate, strategic partner. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you toward a new day in dining, with a program that’ll bring smiles to your students and inspire pride for your school. Our dining program will share in your school's warm character and distinction, building for you a dining program that inspires pride, each and every day.